Tips For Choosing A Home Heating System In White Plains, MD

Posted on December 2, 2015, at 4:11 pm

Choosing a heating system is a major decision for any homeowner. There are many factors to consider, ranging from budget to climate. When deciding on a heating system, consult with a professional offering heating services in White Plains MD. HVAC experts will be able to assess your home and help determine what system would suit it best.

Gas vs. Electric Heating Systems

There are several available heating systems, but the two most popular are gas and electric. Gas furnaces require more maintenance than electric systems, as filters and ducts need to be cleaned on an annual basis.

Electric heating systems, on the other hand, require almost no maintenance. They are also cheaper to install than gas systems. This initial savings, however, is offset by the cost required to run an electric heating system. Gas furnaces are more energy efficient in the long run, and result in a smaller monthly electricity bill. Homeowners having a hard time choosing between the two systems should confer with a White Plains area company offering heating services.

What about Solar Heating?

While gas and electric heating systems are the most popular choices, homeowners looking to maximize energy efficiency should look into solar heating. It is not a practical choice for all climates, but if you live in a particularly sunny area, solar heat might be enough to keep your home warm.

It is more expensive to install than gas or electric systems, but it oftentimes pays for itself in as little as ten years. Solar heating puts a massive dent in the monthly energy bill, as it costs basically nothing to run. Many states offer financial incentives to homeowners who generate a surfeit of power.

Solar heating is a good option for environmentally conscious homeowners, and it can also be used to supplement traditional heating systems. If you are interested in solar heating services in White Plains MD, check with your local HVAC professionals at B&B Heating & Cooling.