Reliable Heating Solutions In White Plains, MD

Posted on December 12, 2015, at 12:12 am

Keeping a home or office warm and comfortable in spite of the weather is easier with a professional company for support. B&B Heating & Cooling in White Plains, MD, is a local, family-owned business that provides friendly, reliable service and quality for maintenance, upgrades and emergency calls.


Good maintenance can prevent problems before they start. Schedule a furnace check to prevent an unpleasant surprise when temperatures are the lowest. Getting the thermostat checked and the air filter changed will help save on heating costs and improve air quality. A well-maintained heating system is also a safer one.


High tech isn’t just for electronics. Improvements and changes to heating system designs have increased the options for keeping a space comfortable. B&B Heating & Cooling offers White Plains residents customized services on a variety of products to improve comfort, reduce energy costs and still stay within budget. New thermostats can help a furnace run at the right time. With an automation system, homeowners can control temperature, lights and even the front door from wherever they are.

From heat pumps to ductless units to a more efficient gas furnace, heating options abound. If it’s time to upgrade a heating system, it’s important to learn about all those options. A professional company will be able to clearly explain those options and what will work best in the customer’s space.


Even regularly maintained systems sometimes experience problems. The right heating company will have the staff available to provide emergency service as soon as possible. When choosing a company, be sure to get important details up front about service charges and technician qualifications. Be wary of companies making promises that sound too good to be true. Go with a locally-based company with a solid reputation.

B&B Heating & Cooling is the quality, for heating maintenance, system upgrades and emergency service in White Plains.