My Air Conditioner is Dripping – What Do I Do?

Posted on August 23, 2021, at 6:32 pm

In the United States, the percentage of households that use an air conditioning system is 87%. Air conditioners are a staple to American households, but there is nothing that can make you lose your cool more than an AC malfunction!

If you have a dripping air conditioner, you want to get it fixed so you can stop the mess and resume the cool. It can be difficult enough knowing where to start, but adding in heat from a damaged air conditioner can make it even more stressful! Continue reading to learn about what steps to take to fix your dripping air conditioner!

Identify the Cause

If your air conditioner is dripping, you first want to identify the cause before deciding on a solution.

The top causes for a dripping HVAC system are issues with your drain line, evaporator coils, or drain pan. A filter that isn’t regularly replaced can cause your evaporator coils to freeze, leading to dripping. Leaks or drips can also be caused by damaged air conditioner drain pans or obstructions in the condensate drain line.

Some simple issues also include outdoor temperatures, rusted parts, or low refrigerant levels. You’ll want to inspect your outdoor and indoor AC parts to find the problem, for nonobvious ones, you may need a professional HVAC repair service.

Perform Maintenance Yourself

If the issue is a simple one, you may be able to do simple HVAC maintenance or repairs yourself.

You can solve a blocked drain line by depositing distilled vinegar directly into the drainpipe or using a wet vacuum to clean it out. Other dripping issues may also be fixed or prevented by replacing your AC air filter every month. You can also carefully open the unit to clean the air conditioner fan, evaporator, or condenser coils.

Before opening the unit for repairs, be sure to fully power down your HVAC system to avoid injury. You’ll also want to be careful to not create more problems by dislodging parts or improperly reinstalling them.

Hire a Service for Complicated Repairs

Your next step may be to hire a professional HVAC repair service if simple repairs weren’t enough.

A professional service will be able to safely fix the problem while also recommending maintenance steps. They can also handle more complex repairs like reinstallations, part replacements, or deep cleans.

While a dripping air conditioner is urgent, taking the time to find a good service will save you time and money. You’ll want to look for a service that has good reviews, flexible scheduling, and affordable payment options.

Fix Your Dripping Air Conditioner

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