Keeping Your Home Cozy in White Plains, MD During A Cold Snap

Posted on December 7, 2015, at 4:10 pm

Weather is something that is somewhat predictable but completely out of human control. Thankfully, even during a Nor’easter or winter cold snap, you can keep your home cozy with the following tips.

Programming Your Thermostat

If your house is mostly uninhabited during mid-day on weekdays, take advantage of energy savings by programming a lower temperature while the house is vacant. Then set it so that your heating system engages about 30 minutes before people start arriving home. It’ll be comfortable for all – even in a cold snap. Don’t forget about night settings too. Under the blankets and in warm pajamas, a temperature of at least 10 degrees cooler should be enough to keep everyone comfy.

Servicing Your Heat Pump

Typically when the action of geothermal energy is used to warm your home, programmable thermostats are not recommended. So the way to get the most out of your heat pump is to contact a HVAC technician in White Plains, MD. During a service call various tests can be performed that can lead to increased efficiency. If a repair is needed, you’ll have a professional by your side to take care of the job, no matter how complex.

Be Flow Conscious

Flow is both a friend and foe when it comes to winter heating. As a friend, moving warmer air into the rooms helps to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. But as a foe, heat losses occur when warm air escapes through cracks or through windows. For best results, keep interior doors open to maintain good circulation through the home. Remember to close curtains, especially during a cold snap, to prevent heat from escaping. A HVAC technician in White Plains, MD can bring specialized equipment to check diffusers and air returns to help you maximize efficiency.

It shouldn’t be hard to keep your Maryland home cozy, even during the coldest times of the year. By partnering with a professional, you can ensure the comfort of you, your family and your pets.