7 Ways To Save On Air Conditioning This Summer

Posted on June 13, 2018, at 3:41 pm

You can’t control the climate, but with a little upfront effort, you can reduce those atrocious air conditioning bills this summer.

Here are 7 ways to save on air conditioning costs:

#1. Annual Preventative Maintenance

Failure to schedule annual preventative maintenance for your air conditioning system can propel your energy bills to an all-time high. Regular maintenance by your HVAC professional is the top way to save on air conditioning expenditures.

While your technician is tuning-up your air conditioning system, he can spot and remedy issues that could lead to major repairs if neglected. Preventative

maintenance can keep your AC running at peak efficiency and extend its life.

#2. Change AC Filters

Ongoing maintenance is a joint effort between you and your HVAC technician. Inattention on changing air filters impedes airflow into the air handler. The fan motor must progressively work harder to cool your home, which can cause it to burn out and potentially leads to total system failure.

Save yourself considerable stress and big bucks by regularly replacing the AC filter. And while you may not realize it, dirty air filters contribute to higher energy bills. Another reason changing your AC filter is cost-effective.

#3. Upgrade to Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats fine-tune the inside temperature according to the outdoor climate. This means a consistent comfort level for you and family members regardless of weather conditions.

Like all cutting-edge technology, the smart thermostat is more expensive than its older, programmable counterpart. However, homeowners who have upgraded to the smart thermostat are reporting that they recoup the difference in price via lower energy bills.

Smart thermostats are more expedient than other thermostats because you can program them from anywhere, using a handy app on your phone. Suppose you’re taking a weekend getaway, when halfway there you recall not adjusting the thermostat to “vacation”. In the past, your AC would have kept cooling your home sans occupants.

#4. Upgrade your Air Conditioning System

If your air conditioning system is 10+ years old, needs frequent expensive repairs, or your energy bills are suddenly escalating, it’s time to upgrade. Technology has changed since you bought your old unit. Today’s energy efficient AC units will save substantially on utility bills.

If your AC unit continues to fail and repair bills continue getting bigger, in the long haul, you will save money with an upgraded system.

Of course, comfort is the major reason for using your AC system. If your rooms have a big disparity in temperature and/or the humidity is uncomfortable, it’s a good idea to contact your HVAC professionals.

#5. Shut the Blinds

“Natural light” is the current buzzword, but do you know that glass heightens heat from the sun? So, shut the blinds when sizzling sunrays start beaming through your windows. Blinds act as an impediment between the glass in your windows and your home’s interior.

Statistics say when you are conscientious about closing your blinds, you can realize as much as 25 percent savings on energy costs.

#6. Shut Off the Oven

Are you aware that your microwave uses 30 percent less energy than your conventional oven? While regular ovens can increase the temperature in your kitchen about 10 percent, microwaves produce minimal heat.

Grilling outside and crock pot dinners are auspicious alternatives for oven cooking. Give your air conditioning a break and save on energy costs to boot.

#7. Check for Leaks

If there are air leaks around your windows and/or doors, your AC unit will consume more energy than normal. In turn, your energy bills will upsurge. In addition to tracking down any leaks, fix any cracks in your windows, which let cold air out and hot air in.

It’s not easy to detect leaks. This may be a task better left to your HVAC technicians.

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