5 Myths Of Geothermal Systems In White Plains, MD

Posted on January 25, 2016, at 11:40 pm

Geothermal systems are becoming an increasingly popular and environmentally responsible heating and cooling solution for residential homes. Why is it important to purchase a geothermal system? These systems concentrate naturally existing heat contained within the earth and use it to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature indoors. While these systems have been in use since as early as the 1940s, many homeowners are still unfamiliar with what a geothermal system is, how it works, and why installing one is a great investment. Inexplicably, the topic often seems shrouded in mystery. Here are five myths dispelled about geothermal heating and cooling that will hopefully clear up any misconceptions you may have:

Myth: Geothermal systems can only provide heat.

Geothermal systems can regulate your home’s temperature, regardless of how hot or cold it may be outdoors. Systems use a closed water circuit to transfer heat energy in to – or out of – your home.

Myth: Geothermal systems are resource intensive.

While Geothermal systems do require electricity to power the movement of air from within the ground to the building, the environmental impact of this pales in comparison to other forms of heating and cooling that require natural gas, propane, or oils. Geothermal systems can be considered a renewable technology because they utilize heat energy that is naturally occurring underground.

Myth: Geothermal systems require significant open acreage to bury polyethylene piping.

Every system configuration is different based on a number of factors – one of which being land availability. Some loops can be buried vertically, therefore minimizing the required surface area needed.

Myth: Geothermal systems are noisy.

While true that most systems use specialized pumps to move water and air through the system, these pumps are very quiet – even quieter than the traditional furnace or HVAC system that it is likely replacing! Geothermal systems also do not require any additional equipment outside of the home (in case you’re worried about upsetting the neighbors or compromising your ability to enjoy quiet times in the backyard).

Myth: Geothermal systems are quick to wear out.

Earth loops and heat-exchange equipment can both last for decades. Geothermal systems last much longer than their traditional counterparts, and even when a component begins to fail, it can be easily replaced without requiring any modifications to the rest of the system.

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